Photo Retouching

2MC Design offers photo retouching to help make that "almost" perfect picture ,… perfect!

What is Photo Retouching?
Photo retouching consists of manipulating the digital image or "air brushing" out imperfections. Our designers are able to edit the digital image and fix common problems such as a leash, or a hand in the image. Even problems such as hair blowing in the wind, are easily removed by our experienced staff. Below are some examples of our work. Take a look and see what you think. If you're considering a photo, "but that hair is out of place" don't worry, we can fix it! Prices depends on the size of the job. Ask us to give you a quote.

Please note, while we are able to perform digital "miracles" 2MC design will NOT alter the physical structure or appearance of a dog.

Before: Owner loved the picture but wanted the red leash off the dog.
After: Removed the red leash.
In this picture, we couldn't control mother nature! But that is ok, we will just put another sign on there!
After retouching, notice the difference in the sign.
    This is the more challenging retouching, but also one of the great things you can do with Digital. Above we have Grandma Lily laying down and her kids and grand kids behind her. But one is missing, Bandit.   Bandit grew up with his own set of human parents and the old pack didn't really want him around anymore. So this made life kinda hard when you want a family photo! So what do we do?
    We take separate photos and add Bandit to the family!
    How do you make 8, 8 week old puppies and 2 lovely,
but bored parents all look wonderful?
    With a little patience and a little magic from 2MC Design.