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Love your pictures, but since you use digital, don't they fade after awhile?
This is a misconception a lot of people have. With 2MC we use a Dye Thermal Printer. This is a professional quality printer. The photos from these printers are just as you get them from the lab. The photos are printed with dye, not ink. They are heated on to the paper, then put a laminated covering over it. All within a few minutes time! Then your photos will last forever, and are water and finger smudge proof.

Great pictures, but what about using them for advertising?
You can use our pictures for advertising, but we have to send in the original file to the publisher on disc. This is easy for us to do and little cost to the client. The only stipulation we have found is if they need a 300 dpi file the print size of the photo will be 8.5" by 5.7" this is roughly a half page. But if they can work with 200 dpi, the print size is large enough for a full page photo ad. Contact your publisher to find out what they need. If needed, we will contact them for you.

We would like to use our picture for our website, can you send them to us?
We can easily e-mail you the photos for your site. These are called Web Ready Photos. We size the photo, and adjust the color if needed. We do apply our logo on the bottom corner and ask for you to make sure you give our company credit for the photos.

I love my photo, but I wish the leash wasn't in the way or the hair on my dog wasn't perfect can you fix it?
Yes, this is one of the things we specialize in, to make the almost perfect photo, PERFECT! We can do small things like fixing hair on a windblown topline to completely changing a background of an image. Visit our retouching page to find out more.

What is the cost for 2MC to photograph our show or event?
There is no cost to you for 2MC to come out and bring our photographic equipment. The only cost is when a person purchases a picture.

Do you ever do individual photo sessions?

Yes, we will travel within in our local area with the sitting fee of $50. This is to be paid at the time of the sitting. If it is outside the DFW area, we will charge mileage addition to the sitting fee. After the photo session, we will place your photos on a private web page for your viewing. This way you can view your photos and make your decision without a rush.

Where will you travel for shows?
We will easily travel to OK, TX, AR for shows. If your club is interested in using 2MC and are not in that area, contact us. For local shows we do not charge expenses at this time. But for shows outside our area, we would charge expenses.

What type of events will you do the photography for?
We will do all types of dog events, conformation, obedience, agility, herding, flyball,ect. We also are interested in other animal events, for example rodeo's and any horse event.

I wanted to tell you what joy you brought me while I was deployed in the desert supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

You took pictures of my dog Dixie at an Agility fun match back in January. I was delighted with them and bought all of them.

I was deployed the beginning of February. While I was fighting the war, I would put up one of those photos as wallpaper on my computer each week. I can't tell you what that does for your morale. It gave me a connection with home every time I looked at my computer.

I hope to get out and compete again by the end of the summer. I hope you will be there to get more great pictures.

Thanks again.

Joyce Elliott (Colonel, USAFR)

After viewing Heidi's portfolio recently, I decided to have her take
portrait photos of my two Border Collies. My initial thought was to get one
or two decent quality pictures of my dogs. Heidi was very patient with me
and my wiggly dogs, and was extremely professional and pleasant to deal
with. I was pleasantly surprised to have a huge selection of poses to
choose from. In fact, there were so many fabulous shots that I finally
purchased a lot more photos than I had intended. Luckily for me, the prices
were very reasonable for these excellent photos. One of my favorites had a
huge red leash in the frame. Heidi was able to remove all evidence of the
leash, and I can't even tell it was ever there! The web-quality shots and
the printed photos are of excellent color, quality, pose & finish. I plan
to purchase additional photos from her archives as well as new photos in the
future. I am thoroughly pleased with 2MCDesign (and Heidi!) and STRONGLY
recommend her services to anyone for either action shots or still shots of
any subject. Great service, great product! Thanks, Heidi!!!

Jennifer Phoenix
Tarrant County Area Coordinator, Border Collie Rescue Texas

I would like to thank 2MC for their superb service. It is really nice to be able to view my photos the day they are taken! I don't usually purchase them that day, but do get them very quickly when I order them. MUCH faster than show photos from other photographers. The photos are sharp and clear. I was even more pleased when you were able to "touch up" a small spot of hair that the wind blew up just as the photo was taken on one of my dogs. I have purchased photos from each event where my dogs have placed well and by far yours are the best and also more reasonably priced. Hope you come to more events as you truly do a superb job.

Carol Harvey
Lorac Aussies

Thought you’d like to know that I have gotten SO many compliments on the picture you took of Kira jumping through the tire wreath!

Thanks for making it possible!

A happy client of 2MC Design,
Rose O’


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